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On the Shelf

(Originally posted on February 12, 2022)

There are LOTS of milestones involved in being an author. I’ve hit many of them over the past few years, and probably haven’t taken the time to appreciate them all. The last couple have been big ones – for example, celebrating my first book’s publication day 12 days ago!

Today was another exciting one – it was the first time I saw copies of Gemini Divided for sale in a bookstore! Earlier this week, my husband brought to my attention that the Barnes & Noble in Springfield, Virginia had it listed on their website as in stock in store. It was the only one in Northern Virginia, and most likely the only one anywhere, since being published by a tiny publisher means bookstores won’t automatically stock my book unless I go in and ask them personally. Still, one store was more than the week before, when it wasn’t in any stores!

Since I have a day job and kids, I had to wait all week for a day when the 35-minute drive fit into my packed schedule. Today was the day! I could finally go and visit my book, with my 9 and 14-year-old daughters along for the ride.

First, I had to figure out which section they’d shelved it in. It overlaps several genres, so I checked “Fiction,” “Romance,” and “Mystery/Thrillers.” Not finding it, I asked for help at the information desk. The same man who’d told me he would order a few copies on my release day helped me find it (it WAS in the Mystery/Thriller section – I must have been too excited to notice it), then left me to stand there and stare at it, placed on the shelf next to JD Robb.

A few minutes later, the man was back and asked me if I’d like to sign the three copies they had. Of course, I said yes! Once they were signed, with special stickers placed on the front that said, “Signed Edition,” he put one of them on a display stand at the customer service desk, and put the remaining two copies back on the shelf, this time with the cover facing out.

Selfie with Gemini Divided on the Barnes & Noble shelf

My daughters helped keep me humble, especially my 9-year-old. “Can we go now?” she asked, completely over it. I would probably have stuck around a little longer to enjoy the moment, but mom duty called.

I can’t wait for next time, whenever that is!

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