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Why Yes, I Will be Wearing My Book All Winter

To be an author is to be constantly looking for ways to tell people about your books. Since I've only published one so far, my publicity efforts are very focused.

In the past, I've invested in business cards (plus magnet versions of them, for fun), stickers. bookmarks, mugs, a t-shirt, 8x10 signs, and a giant, retractable sign to put up at book signings or events,

Then recently, I redesigned my business cards, and ordered personalized notepads - which came out great! - and pens - on which the color/font did not print legibly... but they're being reprinted so I'll be able to show you soon.

Aside from things to give away, I also got myself a keychain that says I WROTE THIS and has a picture of the book and a QR code, and a very soft sweatshirt with the words Gemini Divided in the same gold type from the cover. (I realized afterwards that I should have put a QR code on the back - next time!)

Woman wearing glasses and a sweatshirt that says Gemini Divided, holding a book called Gemini Divided

So not only am I now quite cozy warm (which is good, because Virginia dropped from the 70s yesterday into the 40s today) and ready to wear this hoodie all winter, but I've added another level of advertising to my everyday life. That's a win all the way around!

(Is it working? Is it making you want to buy my book?)

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