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Meet the GEMINI DIVIDED Characters: Will

(Originally posted on March 6, 2022)

Name: William Scott Bryant Age: 38 Height: 6′ 0″ Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Lives in: Los Angeles, CA Originally from: Silver Spring, Maryland Occupation: Actor Also known as: Agent Matthew Greene on Gemini Divided

While many actors live up to the stereotype, driving expensive cars and making outrageous demands of their staffs, Will Bryant has been called “refreshingly down to earth” (TME Now) and “one of the nicest people you’ll probably never meet” (Hollywood Central Magazine). While he was once a common sight around town, in the past few years he’s kept a lower profile. As you’d expect, the reasons for his absence have fueled wild speculation, ranging from the ordinary to the outrageous. When asked about it directly, Will deflects the question, tells a joke, or otherwise changes the subject, kindly but firmly. Whatever it is, he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Will didn’t always want to be an actor. For most of his childhood, he wanted to be a doctor. However, that changed when a friend dragged him along to an audition for the school drama department’s musical, Hello Dolly. Though he’d had no plans to try out, he was talked into it easily. While he was given only a minor, supporting role, it was enough to get him hooked on performing. After going on to star in several commercials, he got his big break at the age of 18, when he was cast as a lead in the movie, The Best Worst Days.

Today, you’re likely to see Will in one of four places: 1) On your TV every Tuesday night playing Agent Matthew Greene on Gemini Divided, which is now in its third season 2) At Bright Lights, the Hollywood restaurant frequented by the cast of Gemini Divided 3) At the Gemini Divided cast and crew’s monthly volunteer outing 4) The Griffith Observatory

Okay, so maybe he’s not quite as reclusive as he once was – no complaints here!

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