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Meet the GEMINI DIVIDED Characters: Sal

Name: Sal Arrington Age: 42 Height: 5'11" Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Brown Lives in: Hermosa Beach, CA Occupation: TV Producer

Like most people in the TV-industry over the past twenty-five years, Sal Arrington started his career working on the long-running TV franchise Justice. In his case, he was a writer on the show, and even appeared as an extra. From there he went on to write for Coral Rock, You're Not Here, Four Wings, and the show that catapulted him from writer to Executive Producer, Treetops, just after his 30th birthday.

Two years ago, Arrington was named Producer of the breakout hit, Gemini Divided. This year, Arrington Productions signed multi-million dollar deals with each of the three biggest TV studios, and if any of the multiple rumors circulating about their upcoming projects are true, Arrington is well positioned to dominate the TV landscape for the foreseeable future.

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