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Meet the GEMINI DIVIDED Characters: Rachel

(Originally posted on March 13, 2022)

Name: Rachel Anastasia Sudak Age: 30 Height: 5′ 8″ Hair: Brown/Red Eyes: Hazel Lives in: Los Angeles, CA Originally from: Kitty Hawk, NC Occupation: Actress Also Known As: Agent Melissa Cleary on Gemini Divided

Rachel Sudak knew she wanted to act from the time she knew what acting was – or maybe even before that. Some of her earliest memories involve standing up in front of her family members, whether alone or with her siblings, to put on a show. On any given day, that show might have involved lip synching, singing, dancing, gymnastics, magic tricks, dramatic re-enactments, or any combination of those, or anything else she could think of. Basically, she’d use any excuse to get people to watch her. She laughs when asked about it. “I was definitely a ham,” she says with a grin. “I guess in that way, I haven’t really changed.”

Rachel credits her parents, Natalie and Jake Sudak, with the wide range of her interests, both then and now. “Growing up, my parents insisted that I try everything. They never discouraged me from acting, but she wanted me to have other interests, as well. I can tell you, I’m a terrible surfer, but I’m decent at archery. Where would I ever use that, you may ask? Well, it came in handy when I filmed Over Under Through. You just never know. My parents wanted to make sure that if I ever changed my mind about acting, I would know what else I was good at. I’m so grateful to them for that.”

It turned out that Rachel was good at a lot of things, including acting, and once she graduated from high school, she exchanged the East Coast for California. After appearing in commercials and guest spots on several popular TV series, her big break came at the age of 24, when she landed the part of a body-snatched college student in The New Student. While the critics gave it a lukewarm reception, it was a fan favorite for its entire four season run.

These days, Rachel is commonly spotted at any of the Los Angeles area beaches and at the Hollywood restaurant Bright Lights with her Gemini Divided costars. The restaurant is owned by her cousin, up and coming chef Adryan Day. Gemini Divided is expected to be renewed for its third season any day now, so you can look forward to seeing more of Rachel and her costar, Will Bryant, on TV for the foreseeable future.

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