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Meet the GEMINI DIVIDED Characters: Jen

(Originally posted on February 26, 2022)

Name: Janine (“Jen”) Calley Age: 34 Height: 5′ 7″ Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Lives in: Washington, DC Occupation (cover): Consulting – remote Occupation (actual): Assassin

Jen Calley is an unlikely combination of tough and vulnerable. She spent time in Germany with the Army, which helped shape her into a methodical, disciplined woman she is today. It’s why she knows so much about guns. She only has three weaknesses – her love of a TV show called Gemini Divided, her admiration for its lead actor, Will Bryant, and her fierce love for her mother, Marilyn Calley.

When a health emergency requires Jen to find huge amounts of money in a short time to save her mother’s life, she’s desperate enough to put her military training to use and work as an assassin, no matter how much she hates herself for it. Still, she can justify it to save her mother, because her targets are bad people. The jobs are occasional but pay well, leaving her copious amounts of free time in between. To fill the days, she writes Gemini Divided fanfiction, which helps her forget just how off the rails her life has gone. In her writing, unlike her reality, she’s the one in control.

Unpleasant though it is, the arrangement works for her until she’s assigned to eliminate the very celebrity on whom she has a crush, at which point she has to question everything she thought she knew – about Will Bryant, and about herself.

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