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I Do Not Want to Write a Blog

(Originally posted on August 1, 2021)

I am not a web designer, so setting up my website has been a somewhat painful, tedious experience. Not only was the system [at the time, it was WordPress] not as easy as I’d hoped, but it was taking up what previous little time I had for writing, something I love to do. However, there was one part of website setup – the worst part, I had decided – that I purposely left out. That was setting up a blog.

I mean, blogs aren’t still a thing, are they? I know nothing about blogs. I told myself I didn’t need one – I certainly wasn’t going to have anything interesting to say. Besides, it wasn’t just a one time thing – I’d have to come up with posts again and again! No way. With a full time job and three kids during the never ending pandemic, I did not want another thing I had to worry about doing.

Except that my publisher, who I had otherwise enjoyed working with, campaigned strongly in favor of my writing a blog. Maybe he secretly hates me? Why else would he advocate for this kind of torture?

With heavy sighs rivaling those of my teen and pre-teen children, I gave in, and so here we are. A blog post. In the end, it was less painful than I’d feared – after all, writing is a lot easier than making the formatting of a website behave, at least for me.

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