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Maryland Day 2022 at University of Maryland, College Park

Considering the fact that we live about an hour from the campus where my husband and I both graduated (22 and 23 years ago, respectively), and where we met almost 25 years ago, it's surprising that we hadn't been back for a Maryland Day before yesterday.

(To be fair, we've only lived here for about four and a half years, and we have been back to the campus a few times when it wasn't Maryland Day... but it's been at least a handful of years since either of us last visited) And except for the fact that we forgot to bring sunblock on a day when we definitely should have used it, it was a pretty perfect day!

Testudo, a diamondback terrapin, is the school mascot. The statue is outside the main library and it's good luck to rub his nose.

I've always loved how pretty the campus is.

Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets, is a UMCP grad. It seemed only fitting that I let him (and Kermit) read my book!

Jim Henson has not yet written his review, but I'm sure it's coming soon!

The real excitement was on the mall, in the middle of campus. Besides all the tents of giveaways and a stage, the fountain was full of TINY TURTLES. They are the cutest things ever - and yes, the kids and I each "caught" them and got to keep one.

I did not add the audio here, Beyonce was actually blasting from the nearby stage. I'm exceptionally proud of how steadily I held my phone to get this video!

The Testudo statue by the library was mobbed with people (the picture at the top was taken in the split second after one group left and another descended on him for a picture), and I didn't have the patience to wait for a turn. Little did I know, these days there are seven of them around campus (which I have trouble accepting - only the one by the library is the "real" one!). This one is in the student union. I said hi and told him I was sorry his was stuck inside. Turtles belong outside, in nature. (HAHA!)

Maryland Day was fun! And now, back to my regularly scheduled weekend. Groceries. Yard work. Errands. Cleaning. Have a great day, everyone!

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