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Never Mind March - For Me, May Was the Month that Went Out Like a Lion

Today was supposed to be the second book signing on my five stop "tour" that I posted about a couple weeks ago. Let's just say things did NOT go as planned.

Two weeks ago, over the three-day span, four out of five people in my house tested positive for COVID. With kids in three different schools (of 500, 1,500, and 2,500 students, respectively), I'd expected it to happen in the fall. The fact that we almost made it through the whole school year before getting it was a huge surprise to me. The only one who was spared was my 10-year old, who had it in February when none of the rest of us did.

While it was quite a sucky week, overall, it could have been a LOT worse. My 13-year-old had the mildest symptoms, and my 15-year-old didn't have it too bad. My husband had a severe cough that required some hardcore medicine, but even that is pretty much gone.

We stayed home from school and work for the required days, and I postponed my book signing that was supposed to happen over Memorial Day weekend until 4th of July weekend. Finally, this past week we finally started getting back to normal. Well, everyone else did.

As for me, I'd started off with what may or may not have been an ear infection the first week, but no thanks to the doctor with whom I had a virtual appointment (since I had COVID) who didn't want to give me antibiotics because, "it should clear up on its own," for a week the pain in the side of my head got worse and worse.

I may have to write that doctor into a future book and then kill off his character...

This past week I was finally COVID-negative, so I could go into the doctor's office. By that point, the pain was reaching much farther than my ear, into my sinuses behind my cheek, my jaw, and my throat. Thanks to Dr. No Meds, I ended up with a sinus infection that at times feels like my head is going to split open. I've never had a sinus infection before, and I can tell you that I'm not a fan! Thankfully, the second doctor was less conservative about antibiotics.

Of course, when you may have to lie down at any moment to diffuse the intense pressure in your ear, sinuses, jaw, and throat, it's not a great day for a book signing. So for a second week in a now, I had to reschedule, which is annoying, but it wasn't really much of a choice.

On a brighter note, I added two more "tour stops" to my list in the last two weeks, so now I'm up to seven!

You can bet I'll have my fingers crossed that I don't have to cancel another signing next weekend! Right now, I'm just looking forward to going a whole day without my head feeling like it's going to explode.

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