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Someone just blew up Ella Madson’s house—but wait, it gets worse.

Bristly FBI Agent Sam Donnelly is assigned to the case, and demands Ella’s help to find Mal, Ella’s estranged sister. Mal has a criminal record a mile long, but even so, Ella doesn’t think Mal is responsible for the explosion—nothing has changed between them in over twenty years. Besides, for the past ten years, Mal has sent her small trinkets, prodding her to remember their favorite childhood game.

When Agent Donnelly’s team stumbles upon a trail of clues that only Ella can recognize and decipher, she becomes essential to their investigation. Despite the agents’ hesitation, she tags along with the team as they race from city to city through her childhood memories.

In between continued attempts on her life and finding the next clue, Ella and Agent Donnelly grow closer and open up to each other. It turns out that he’s not an insensitive jerk, just an agent with a tragic past that still haunts him. Ella can relate to that. Before long, knowing that he’ll be out of her life when the case is solved is no longer a relief.

There’s no time to figure where things stand between them, though, because they’re closing in on Mal, and they need to figure out how to stop whoever is trying to kill Ella before it’s too late.

The Breadcrumb Game (Paperback)

  • "The Breadcrumb Game by Lauren Kristen Roberts was filled with fast-paced action and intrigue. The suspenseful twists in the plot kept me engaged from the start until the end. This page-turner of a story was hard to put down. I could not wait to find out what would happen next and was kept guessing until the end. The characters were realistic and relatable, and I got to know them well. The growing chemistry between Ella and Sam was thrilling and heartwarming, with plenty of fun exchanges between them. Sam did all he could to protect and keep Ella safe and had his hands full at times. Reading this story was very enjoyable since it is wonderfully written. This life-or-death adrenaline ride will captivate fans of romantic suspense."

    -Readers' Favorite


    "I totally enjoyed this story from start to finish. The pace of the story kept me turning the pages. Ella and Sam's attraction was slow building and brought a smile to my face when they got their act together at the end. I'll gladly read more from this author and even this story again."

    -Reader Review

  • If you pledged my Kickstarter, please note that this is a separate order. Kickstarter rewards will ship around April 26 - sooner if all materials are available by then. All Kickstarter backers should stay tuned for an email on the shipping status. 

    That being said, you're more than welcome to order more copies here!

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