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Let's be realistic: an assassin doesn't get a happily ever after, and this is not a fairy tale.

For the past two years, Jen Calley has set aside her morals to work as an assassin so she can pay for her mother's chemotherapy treatments. The fact that her targets have been horrible people does nothing to relieve her guilt. But when Jen's next mark is Will Bryant, her celebrity crush and the star of her favorite TV show, Gemini Divided, her two lives collide spectacularly.

Steeling herself against her swooning inner fangirl, Jen goes undercover on the Gemini Divided set as Will's new assistant. To both her delight and dismay, he's even kinder and more down to earth in person than she ever hoped. But now her resolve to kill him evaporates every time she looks in his eyes...which is a problem, because Jen's choices are: a) kill a man she genuinely likes and keep her mother alive, or b) somehow save him, putting her in grave danger and leaving no way to fund her mother's treatments.

No pressure, right?

With her mysterious employer getting impatient, Jen is given an ultimatum: she has two days to kill Will, or the deal's off. Two days to decide what choices she can and cannot live with; two days to figure out just how far she'll allow herself to be pushed before she pushes back...

Gemini Divided Signed Copy (Hardcover)

  • "An irresistible Cinderella story for a fanfic-writer-turned-assassin! Fun banter and quick pacing made this a delightfully escapist read."

    -Michelle Hazen, award-winning author of Unbreak Me

    "Shy, introverted, fangirl badass assassin meets the nerdy, handsome new target. What could go wrong? Everything. Just one bit of advice for all you book lovers... read it, it's fun."

    -Joanne Alain Cook, author of Oh, Henry: A funny, romantic, who done it
    "Great mysteries surprise me with their twists and turns, and this one ended up doing just that. I loved the banter between Jen and Will, and the plot kept me flipping pages, wanting to know what the next chapter would bring. I would recommend Gemini Divided by Lauren Kristen Roberts to all mystery lovers out there; it was a fun one!"

    -Readers' Favorite

    "The premise of the plot is rather unique, the banter and conversation between the characters is both witty and realistic, and the story is quite entertaining. The author is also very skilled and her writing style is very compelling."

    -Reedsy Discovery

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