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The Final Cover

(Originally posted on December 29, 2021)

If you’re around my age, or even a few decades older, it’s likely that saying “The final” anything makes you immediately start singing that song from 1986, Europe’s The Final Countdown. It happens so much in my house, even my kids (all born in the 2000s) do it.

Still, it’s true – my cover has been finalized, complete with endorsement quotes… and a few more excerpts from early reviews on the inside of the book. The proof of the final cover and final interior showed up in my inbox yesterday, and… I can’t describe how surreal it is. Every milestone I hit is another step closer to the thing I still can’t quite believe is happening. But look below for the proof that it’s happening!

Also yesterday, the bookmarks designed by my digital art loving teenage daughter showed up. She used my publisher’s cover art to make two different designs. So far, I’ve only printed the first one, but I’ll definitely print both next time around, now that I know the print quality is good.

So now it’s 33 days until the official publication day, and there’s not much to do but talk about the book to anyone who’ll listen, give out my cool new bookmarks, and hope that the early reviewers who are reading the ARC will like it and give it a good review.

If you’d like to be an early reviewer, there’s still time! The book can be requested from NetGalley or BookSirens (click either to go to the posting). Both are free for readers, but require registration.

I hope everyone out in internet-land is having a wonderful holiday season – happy almost-New Year!

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