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People are Reading My Book!

(Originally posted on December 19, 2021)

Almost six years ago I made the jump from writing huge amounts of fanfic to a new goal: writing a book. A few years later, when it was “done” (I have learned that books are never “done” until they’re published), I spent three or so years on and off querying agents and publishers. The goal was always for other people to read it.

Fast forward to today – there are 43 days left until my book is published and will be available pretty much everywhere. It’s very exciting! So many people will have access to it, which is amazing… and yet terrifying!

Even now, people are reading my book. Not many of them. Just the ones reading the Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) who will hopefully give me good reviews, so that once it’s officially for sale, the rest of the people out there who like books will want to read it. But the fact remains… people are reading it.

Despite the fact that this was what I wanted… it’s unsettling. I’m trying very hard not to stress over how those early readers will review it. I tell myself I’m prepared.

Spoiler alert: I’m probably lying to myself.

If you know an author and they say they don’t care whether people like their book or not, be skeptical. Unless, of course, they’re already a best-selling author. Maybe they can afford the luxury of not caring. Not me. I love writing books, and I want it to be my job (no offense, current job), so this waiting to get reviews thing is very stressful.

Luckily, the fact that there are a lot to of marketing tasks to do when you have a book coming out in 43 days, along with having three kids who’ll be home for winter break for the next two weeks, and Christmas being only six days away, means I have plenty to keep me busy. I’ll try not to think about those people reading my book, other than to hope they like it.

Interested? Here it is! Click here for more information or to pre-order.

Want to be one of those early readers? Go to NetGalley or Book Sirens to apply. It’s free, if you’re accepted, with the understanding that you’ll leave a review.

(Yes, I know that all of those options would mean that you, too, would be reading it. It’s okay. I’ll try not to be stressed.)

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